Whiplash Treatment From Auto Injury

​The effects of an auto accident can be devastating both psychologically and physically. Joint damage, tissue damage, back strain, and whiplash are all possible auto accident injuries. Garrett Downtown Chiropractic offers rehabilitative care for injury patients in the San Diego, Hillcrest and neighboring areas. Patients looking for a doctor who can treat these types of injuries, without drugs or surgery, should contact our chiropractic office to make an appointment. Dr. Brian Garrett employs the most recent, cutting-edge techniques in auto injury rehab to help patients get back on their feet after they have suffered an injury.

One of these techniques is kinesiology, which is the science of human movement and muscles. Dr. Garrett applies his knowledge of kinesiology to test and diagnose patients that have suffered an injury or are experiencing pain. Dr. Garrett then designs a treatment plan for patients to help recover full range of motion and increase their mobility and flexibility. This method of treatment works especially well for patients suffering from back pain, neck pain and other pain caused by auto accident injuries, as it speeds up recovery and alleviates pain in the process.

Our San Diego chiropractor may also prescribe massage therapy to help treat injuries and extend pain relief. Massage therapy focuses on damaged muscle tissue and joints to improve a patient’s circulation and reduce healing time. Another benefit of massage is that it reduces stress and minimizes pain, such as neck pain and back pain. Massage therapy may also be applied to other areas of the body besides the back. For example, Dr. Garrett may prescribe massages for other areas of the body that were traumatized or injured in an accident, such as arms or legs.

Sports kinesiology is an additional method of speeding up healing process, as it allows a patient to physically rehabilitate his or her injury with a customized treatment plan. Dr. Garret utilizes sports kinesiology to analyze a patient’s movements and then create a personalized action and rehabilitation plan. Applied kinesiology is one of our most trusted methods of helping patients rehabilitate injuries. We often ask our patients to practice applied kinesiology at home with exercises and prescribed movements that are designed to increase mobility and muscle recovery.

Our chiropractor also offers treatment for patients needing pain management plans. Chiropractic care is a great method to minimize pain without the use of prescription pain medications. Dr. Garrett will work with patients to custom design plans to manage pain, track progress and make any necessary adjustments. We are experienced in auto accident injury treatment and use our expertise and experience to give patients the best treatment possible. We encourage patients living and working in San Diego, Hillcrest or one of the surrounding neighborhoods to call or email us for more information on treating injuries or to make an appointment with our chiropractor.