Best Downtown San Diego Massage Therapy

Garrett Downtown Chiropractic has a skilled, trained doctor and staff to help patients feel better in no time. Manipulation of the spine can help with neck pain and reduce problems that can derive from back pain. Patients in the Hillcrest area, or anywhere in San Diego, will find spectacular reviews on the testimonials page for our office and staff.

San Diego Massage for Relaxation

The types of massages we offer in our San Diego office help eliminate back pain and all those little aches and pains patients may feel throughout the day. Our chiropractor will often prescribe massage therapy as a complementary form of rehabilitation for many of our patients.

Stress and Pain Relieved Through Massage

Patients new to chiropractic medicine or massage therapy are encouraged to call or schedule a visit to get more information on the pain relief benefits of both techniques. A patient’s initial visit to our office will include a full evaluation by our doctor to diagnose and design a treatment plan. In addition to chiropractic manipulations and massage, our doctor also uses applied kinesiology in order to treat patients. Dr. Garrett will work closely with patients to custom design a treatment plan that may include any of these techniques to address issues like neck pain, back pain, or pain management.

San Diego and Hillcrest Massages are often prescribed by our chiropractor and can be a great tool for helping individuals in need or pain management or pain relief. Any number of patient conditions can benefit from massage therapy. Physical therapies can help with rehabilitation following an injury by reducing swelling and increasing blood circulation. Patients with auto accident injuries have found massages lessen their rehabilitation time and to improve their overall mobility and flexibility. Automobile accidents can cause injuries to the spine. Injury victims who see our chiropractor for spinal manipulations and treatment experience pain relief. In addition to rehabilitation, massage can decrease anxiety, enhance the quality of sleep, and provide patient’s with greater energy. Other benefits can range from from improved concentration, increased circulation and a reduction in the fatigue.

Patients skeptical about the effectiveness of these therapeutic techniques should be sure to watch some of the testimonials from real patients. These testimonials can offer insight on how effective massage can really be as a component of a treatment plan, and what kind of an improvement it can bring to patient’s life. The methods and techniques that chiropractors employ have been around for hundreds of years and can really make a difference in a patient’s life, without the use of surgery or medication. Dr. Garrett will hand select the type of massage a patient needs and work with the therapist to target the areas of the body that need attention.

San Diego and Hillcrest patients who want more information about the services we offer or are interested in making an appointment with our doctor are encouraged to email or call us at 619-232-2225